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Fine Jewelry LeVil

Leonid Velikhin

About Leonid Vilikhin:

Leonid Vilikhin began his career at the creative studios of the Hermitage museum in Saint Petersburg. His extraordinary taste and impeccable skill was influenced by the highly regarded artistic traditions of this world-renowned museum.
After moving to the U.S., Vilikhin quickly became a high-demanded designer and his works appeared in many of the leading jewelry houses in New York such as Tiffany and Carvin French Inc.

Vilikhin’s designs, which were made for Henry Dunay Design, C&J Jewelry, and AR&AR Jewelry, have quickly become well-liked and are currently sold in stylish boutiques, as well as in the most prominent American stores. Works made for Cartier and Bulgari were sold at auctions: Christie’s and Sotheby’s.
Being at the peak of his career Leonid Vilikhin opened his own design house LeVil.Co where he devotes all his time to creating timeless pieces of jewelry employing precious metals, rare gems and unique pearls. Leonid is a conceptual designer who derives his inspiration from all aspects of life; nature, music, literature, art, architecture and from his thoughts and dreams.

During our interview Leonid said: “l don’t have a favorite style…all styles are great! I believe that a piece of jewelry should attract attention to the one who is wearing it and not to itself.”
“Sophisticated women do not use accessories to show off, they use them to highlight something about themselves. Jewelry should always express something about its possessor.”

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